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Friday’s Flair – Festive Find


It’s Friday!!! I am so excited to share with you this cool place I found…Mercado La Paloma

While looking for a place to hold a business networking event I was told about this place. Check out an excerpt from their website:

“A project of Esperanza Community Housing Corporation.  Mercado La Paloma is located in the Figueroa Corridor of South Los Angeles a neighborhood that is full of creative and hard-working entrepreneurs, community spirit, artists, musicians and cultural traditions. 

Marcado LaPaloma on Grand
Marcado La Paloma on Grand

The area has historically suffered from disinvestment – including a lack of quality jobs and business opportunities, quality gathering spaces, quality food, and art and cultural opportunities.  The investment that has occurred in the area has often not been designed for the benefit of those living in our community.  In 1999 in response to the suggestion of some residents in Esperanza’s housing developments for a local version of the bustling markets that they had left behind in their home countries, the idea for Mercado La Paloma was born.  Over a five-year period characterized by intense community engagement and research, Esperanza renovated our current building, converting it from a garment factory to a vibrant community gathering space.  It is an experiment in community revitalization that provides opportunities for our local residents and showcases our local creativity to the broader Los Angeles community.”

I think it’s important to find the cool new businesses and organizations in the community that give back and look to collaborate with their neighbors. This week’s cool FIND is Mercado LaPaloma.

Until next time, enjoy the Flair!

The FFE Team