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Friday’s Flair – Festive Find


It’s Friday!!! I am so excited to share with you this cool place I found…Mercado La Paloma

While looking for a place to hold a business networking event I was told about this place. Check out an excerpt from their website:

“A project of Esperanza Community Housing Corporation.  Mercado La Paloma is located in the Figueroa Corridor of South Los Angeles a neighborhood that is full of creative and hard-working entrepreneurs, community spirit, artists, musicians and cultural traditions. 

Marcado LaPaloma on Grand
Marcado La Paloma on Grand

The area has historically suffered from disinvestment – including a lack of quality jobs and business opportunities, quality gathering spaces, quality food, and art and cultural opportunities.  The investment that has occurred in the area has often not been designed for the benefit of those living in our community.  In 1999 in response to the suggestion of some residents in Esperanza’s housing developments for a local version of the bustling markets that they had left behind in their home countries, the idea for Mercado La Paloma was born.  Over a five-year period characterized by intense community engagement and research, Esperanza renovated our current building, converting it from a garment factory to a vibrant community gathering space.  It is an experiment in community revitalization that provides opportunities for our local residents and showcases our local creativity to the broader Los Angeles community.”

I think it’s important to find the cool new businesses and organizations in the community that give back and look to collaborate with their neighbors. This week’s cool FIND is Mercado LaPaloma.

Until next time, enjoy the Flair!

The FFE Team

Festive Flair Events

Graduation Season

Hello Friends and Family!!

Today’s Flair is all about the graduation season…..which has already started!!! I am currently knee deep in the planning of a very special graduation party for my youngest sister. She’s a kind and energetic young lady that loves to have a good time. So when sending out her graduation announcements, she wanted to share a special personalized picture with all of her loved ones. We asked one of our Friend’s of FFE, Young-Adeyeba Photography to take a few shots and this is what we came up with…

I’d like to know what you think…AND what kind of flair did you add to your graduation?

Was it a certain type of sash, did you get a “new do” or did you just rock a new pair of electric blue Pumas? Leave a comment…Please!

                            Creating Memorable and Heartfelt Occasions with Flair!

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Blast from the Past!

Check out this post from last year! Enjoy!

In my last post, I shared an idea on how to add a little flair to graduation announcements. Since we’re still in the graduation season I wanted to share the flair you can add to your favorite grad’s party table decorations. There are many graduations at this time of the year but when planning or participating in multiple celebrations you don’t have to break the bank.

Here is a nifty idea that you can use when giving a grad gift or making a centerpiece….

Photo was taken by Young-Adeyeba Photography                    

Beautiful, simple and affordable!

To put this together:

    1. Visit the after-market store in your area and purchase a vase for a $1.00
    2. Swing by your local craft store and pick up a tassel and ribbon in the graduate’s colors. $3.00
    3. Grab flowers from your garden or the local florist in the colors that match the ribbon. $3.00
    4. Add sparkling water to the flowers. (It contains many micro-organisms and other nutrients which will preserve the flowers better than normal tap water) $1.00 

So for under $10.00 you can give a nice, affordable, and personalized gift to the graduate in your life!  If you want to take this idea a step further you can buy a charger or dish to sit your gift on and add colored glass pebbles to give a pop of color at the base of the gift.

I look forward to hearing your ideas and/or comments. Have a great weekend and see next Friday!

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Take A Break!

Hello Everyone,   

I know!… I know!… It’s been forever since the last posting but I have been very busy growing, working and learning about myself as a business owner. In business, at times we can get so focused on developing our brand, managing systems and capturing opportunities that it is hard to stop and take a break. You must find the balance and rhythm for your life/business …it is so easy to get lost in the day-today business of running a business and easily neglect important things in our lives …like relaxing under a tree, visiting with family and pampering ourselves.

 As I write this, I’m learning this valuable lesson.

Recently, the two of the fashionistas in my life gifted me with a pamper day at Natural Nails spa by Yasko.  I did not realize how much I needed some personal time. When I sat in the chair I immediately felt the stress melt away. Yasko, the proprietor, manicurist and masseuse took her time and made sure I enjoyed my get-a-way time. It was the most relaxing, gentle and special time I have had in a long time.

Here is a picture of my pretty feet.


PLEASE make time to take care of yourself. Take time for just you. I know.. I know.. it’s hard to do. You are your business but you’re business can’t survive without your best you!

Here are the other pictures I took, check them out! MAYBE Yasko can help you take a break!                

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Friday’s FLAIR – Inspiration

Hello Festive Friends, Family & Fans!!

I am so excited to share a new addition to my business, Festive Flair Events: my NEW blog which will collect my thoughts, feelings, and noteworthy updates connected to MY PASSION FOR EVENT PLANNING!!

EVERY Friday, I will share a piece of the spark that puts the flair in…Festive Flair. The weekly blog, Friday’s FLAIR, will include:

F – Finds~~interesting photos, people and locations

L – Links and Logistics ~~cool websites and tools to help you manage your events

A – Arrangements or Acquaintances ~~flower and table arrangements or features on other dynamic businesses

I – Inspiration~~motivational people, quotes or images

R – Random Rumblings~~my open-ended brainstorms that keep the creativity flowing!

I invite you to read my blog and hope you feel inspired and informed. If something interesting crosses your desk or feed, please feel free to pass it along. It may be featured in an upcoming Friday’s Flair!

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Friday’s FLAIR – Inspiration: The Jewelry Box 

There is something to say about a jewelry box–All of the different pieces that make it up and the sentimental and retail value of each item within it tell an important story. One piece alone can be just a couple of dollars, but collectively the value can be priceless. Most of us have some kind of jewelry box that we treasure. Mine contains people! Through the years, I have come across some jewels of my own: Delightful people that have huge hearts and wonderfully positive energy with a uniqueness all their own. The jewels that inspire me; are the Festive Flair team members that I call friends.

One of the reasons why I get so excited when starting a new project because I have the awesome opportunity to work with amazing people. When I make the call or send the text to coordinate tasks and duties, these jewels step up to the plate and make it happen. The fun that we share makes me work even harder to connect with the next client to plan the next event. I happen to be related to some of the FFE team members, but most I have connected with through this journey of entrepreneurship and have known from different stops along the way. I truly believe that everyone does not have the gift of service or that special light of celebration but Ivory, Geena, Debra, Vivian, Ricky, Karina, Adriana, Sandy, and Nancy have a particular gift that makes them jewels in my box. Festive Flair Team

Who or what are your jewels?” Honor them by sharing how special they are to you.

Until next time, enjoy the Flair!

You know who!