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Friday’s Flair – Awesome Connection


It’s always good to have someone tell you when you have a ‘banging’ dress on! The compliment feels so good! You know you hit it out the park when your outfit is put together just the way you planned it. Every detail was thought out and you made sure your accessories coordinated with your shoes. On the other hand, you don’t often come across people that will tell you when you left a hair clip on your ‘do or your skirt is tucked in your panty hose. How embarrassing is it to go on a date and talk and laugh with the hair clip STILL in your hair! The same thing can happen when you post a blog, send a resume or submit a business proposal with grammatical errors and misspellings.

IRC Blog post #3
Ivory Rose Chambeshi, Owner of Get It Write

Just like you go to a wedding stylist to make sure you get the right fit for your special dress on your special day, it is equally important to send your special documents to a professional that will tell you when you have “spinach in your teeth”. For over 10 years, I have had the pleasure of working with such a professional. Ivory Rose Chambeshi, Owner and Principal of Get It Write, a company that provides strategic planning and communications to help individuals and businesses communicate their dynamism and brilliance to the world.

With her affordable services and flexible packages for individuals and businesses, and all around awesomeness, SHE is this week’s Awesome Connection!! Get It Write! and look good on paper!

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